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Suspension Workout

The Suspension Training is a form of Resistance Training that uses a system of ropes and webbing to allow the user to work against gravity and their own body weight.

Suspension Workout

TRX® Suspension Trainer™ – born in the Navy SEALs, developed by Fitness Anywhere, it is one of the most versatile training tools that activates all the muscle groups simultaneously, develops mobility, joint stability, balance, core stability, power and strength.

RIP 60™ – suspended body weight training system based on rotation straps designed to improve the most fundamental movement patterns.

RIP 60 Rotation Suspension Training is perfect, versatile tool for users of any fitness level. You are your own resistance by changing body angles you changes the difficulty and intensity of workout.

Suspension workout gives you base and fundaments of which you won’t benefit from traditional weight resistance training by correcting your posture, improving core and muscle stabilizers.

Challenge Yourself and face yourself by applying suspension workout to your physical routine.

With RIP 60 Rotation Suspension Training you will become much leaner, stronger, more flexible and more coordinated. It will change the way you look, feel and move.

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