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I have known Artur for more than 10 years. He has helped me and supported me many times in many different situations. I would highly recommend him both as a Personal Trainer, a Nutrition Specialist and as a Masseur. Artur is always friendly, encouraging and very experienced!

Wojciech Drewa

In hybrid garage even a person that spend most of the time in office in front of PC can get great results. Look good and feel good. Trainings are customized to your needs + very flexible with the time. My shift work does not stand in the way of me training regularly. First time I feel I will reach my goals in the time frame I got from the trainer.

Karol Frankiewicz

I would highly recommend the Hybrid Garage. The place where you can rise your fitness level run by a truly passionate person which Artur is. He can also help you with your diet if you’re looking for a change with nutritional habits :-)

Dawid Zandee

Great Gym, covers all aspects of Fitness. Artur Zdyb has a passion for fitness, nutrition and well-being. Drop in and check out the Hybrid Garage

Darren Smyth

This is a good gym if you are dedicated to getting in shape, keeping fit, body toning/building and loosing weight. Artur is a great coach with a wealth of knowledge.

John Ryan

Osób zajmujących się treningiem w sposób profesjonalny jest niewiele. Potrzebna jest przede wszystkim wiedzą doświadczenie i pasja .W Hybrid Garage Manor Mills z Arturem znalazłam wszystko czego szukałam .Trening z nim to nie tylko praca która przynosi efekty ale super atmosfera genialne odreagowanie od codzienności. Polecam !!!

Kinga Fabich

Polecam Hybrid Garage w 100%. Bardzo dobra atmosfera, treningi na maksa i bardzo cenne wskazówki Artura (trenera)

Marek Wierzbicki

Ogromna wiedza, pełen profesjonalizm, swietnie opracowany plan treningowy… Bardzo się cieszę ze zaczęłam treningi z Arturem… czuję się lepiej, wyglądam lepiej same pozytywy… Polecam w 100%

Lucyna Ratenska-Muskus

Polecam w 100%! Super atmosfera i zakwasy gwarantowane! :)

Ismena Cichy

Najwyzszy profesionalizm – prawdziwa kuznia sily – najwyzsza ocena tylko sie nadaje – lokalizacja jak za starych czasow :-) 5*

Tomasz Ratenski

Hybrid Garage é o ginásio aonde encontrarás atendimento personalizado, exercícios apesar de colectivos são específicos a cada membro, Artur é acima de tudo muito profissional e paciente puxar-te-à para que consigas resultado desejados e conhecerás músculos que nunca sabias da sua existência mais também é um lugar aonde conseguimos rir depois de uma sessão.

Luz Do Dia

Anna-Maria Mezei

Monika Chmiel

Before we started working together I was all the time tired and lazy. Now I have more energy and I can’t wait for training. I’m still to fat but I know this is just few weeks and I hope I’ll see progress in next few weeks.

Your exercises are adapted to my condition. After training I’m tired but happy :) and every week I see progress.

In point form, can you list your achievements with training thus far?
- better condition
- stronger hands (weak hands this is my the biggest problem)

Marta Gieral
Jump Juice Bar Manager

As soon as we got talking it transpired that you were knowledgeable and of sound mind.

I found out how pragmatic and knowledgeable this guy would turn out to be.

In short time I started to regain some of the long lost endurance / stamina so to speak.

Peter Fryc
Purple belt BJJ

Great work!

Just a quick note to say thanks very very much for the work you have done!

The diet which Artur prepared for me was literally perfect. It helped me in a very nice and a tasty way to change my eating habits and embellished my daily meals. My appetite was fully satisfied. I didn’t feel any hunger. After just few days I could noticed that my mood have improved and in another few days the diet significantly increased my energy levels and vitality. Great result! 20 pounds less in only 7 weeks time! All I had to do was get off my backside and put the diet into action.

Great support!

Artur, thank you so much for extra work you did!

Many thanks again!
I fully recommend!

Jump Juice Bar Manager

After around year of continuous training I’ve been looking for a way to increase its effectiveness. I felt like I reached a plateau and I spent a lot of time trying to rearrange my workout routine and my diet. After a fair amount of different options, I still couldn’t figure out what are the most important factors in muscle growth or strength and getting better athletic results in general. I spent a few hours with Artur explaining my diet, what do I typically eat and how do I approach my training. Only after a few weeks once my diet was revisited I noticed a big improvement in muscle mass and definition. We followed up with a few training sessions and they opened my eyes how differently can you exercise only by employing a few pretty basic rules.

I would recommend Artur if you want to educate yourself further on efficient nutrition and improve your athletic level. Talking to him saved me a lot of time I would otherwise spent on-line browsing countless blogs, articles and trying to apply harvested knowledge in practice. Nothing can beat talking to a live person, guaranteed.

Senior Software Developer/Technical lead at Susquehanna International Group

As first I would like to say that we have known each other for a very very long time. For all these years we have been worked in the gym very very hard. From the first sight I can say that he knows what he is doing. I could say straight away that he is an expert. We moved in different directions a few years after we started training together. I started to do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I spent a lot of time doing it. In the meantime Artur continued bodybuilding. Having spent some time doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I realized that it is not only ‘rolling on the mat’. For me it is a lifestyle, where being in good condition, proper nutrition, regeneration and proper and solid strength training and cardio are important. I knew that Artur has a lot of experience because when I was ‘rolling on the mat’ he was still gaining his skills and improving his knowledge about things which I was interested in. And so we started to train together again. I mean that Artur, as a Personal Trainer took me under his wings and with a proper diet and with his training system we work on endurance, motor coordination and we work hard to increase my strength. Everything that is necessary to become a better Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter.

That is all about my very good friend, my colleague, my Personal Trainer without whom I certainly could not have increased my physical performance.

I wholeheartedly recommend Artur to everyone, because it is a good brand.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor – Purple Belt

Professional physio!

I would really recommend Artur! He is incredible! He helped me so many times when I had a bad lower-back pain and I could not move. Artur is a great person, great and professional physio!


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